Self Isolation Contingency Plans


It is inevitable that at some stage or another, some children will be unable to attend school as they will be required to self-isolate, either because they/ household member is displaying symptoms of Covid 19, they/ household member has received a positive test result, there is a positive test within a school contact group or following travel to a country on the government’s quarantine list.

Therefore, a very comprehensive ‘Self- Isolation Home Learning Contingency plan’ has been created to ensure that ALL children can continue to learn whether they are in school or whilst self-isolating at home.  The children have been away from school for a considerable amount of time this year already, and it is of paramount importance that we secure plans to minimise further disruption to their education going forwards.

The ‘Home Learning Contingency plan’ has been carefully planned into 4 stages

(Please note: all learning materials are best viewed on a laptop/ computer/ tablet rather than on a mobile phone)

 Please see below:-

Stage 1– Your child is ill and is unable to come to school. No school work will be provided.

Stage 2– Your child/ member of household is displaying Covid 19 symptoms and is awaiting test results. (In this instance your child should have to self-isolate for approx.1-3 days, as long as the test result comes back NEGATIVE.) ‘Virtual Google classroom’ with links to websites/ games provided via school website. Learning provided will practise previously taught skills.

Stage 3-Your child has a positive test result and is required to self-isolate OR members of household have returned from travelling to a country on the government’s quarantine list. ‘Self- Isolation Virtual Google Classroom’ provided via school website. Learning provided will practise previously taught skills.

Stage 4– Insufficiency of staff or escalation of Covid 19 with your child’s class and whole class is directed by LA or PHW to self-isolate.  Class teacher provides a blend of distance teaching and learning communicated via Seesaw. Teaching and learning provided will be a continuation of current class based learning which will include a blend of  learning opportunities, links to teaching video clips and Microsoft Office Teams’ meetings.

Very important: Please ensure that all parents have signed up to both the Seesaw Parent app and the Seesaw Class app. The Seesaw Parent app is the main way that teachers will communicate with parents and allows parents the opportunity to share in the children’s learning while they are in school. The Seesaw Class app provides parents with the facility to communicate/ share their child’s home learning with the class teacher in the event that a child/ren need to self-isolate. Again, this will ensure continuity of learning at all times.


As always, if you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school. Equally, if a family is self- isolating and any child/ren need to borrow a device from school, please email/ telephone school and we can arrange a temporary loan for the self-isolation period.