English as an Additional Language- Saesneg Fel Iaith Ychwanegol

The English as an Additional Language (EAL) Support Service provided by WCBC

What do they do?

The EAL service is a team of specialist teachers and teaching assistants, including bilingual team members that can provide support to minority ethnic pupils whose first language is neither English nor Welsh.

The EAL service works with schools to provide support for pupils’ language development and access to the curriculum.

The service provides advice, support and training to develop schools awareness, understanding and capacity to provide for the pupils.

Who do they work with?

The EAL Service works with schools and pupils to:

  • Assess and moderate the pupils’ language ability using the Needs Assessment Survey, Welsh Government 5 stage model of language acquisition and monitor progress
  • Identify appropriate targets with the class/subject teacher
  • Provide training and advice to schools, other services and agencies on good practice and classroom strategies
  • Provide opportunities and support for first language GSCE examinations
  • Assist schools and other services in meetings with families where possible
  • Provide short term interventions for identified pupils meeting the support criteria

Before pupils access support from the service, parents and carers’ consent will be sought.

Please see consent form below:

EAL Parental consent form

How to contact the service

Email [email protected] or contact the school directly