Additional Learning Needs


St Mary’s is a fully inclusive school where children thrive harmoniously
together. We recognise the uniqueness of every individual and the
contribution that each individual brings to our school community – we are God’s special children growing together in faith, love, knowledge and understanding. We work together with children and their parents to ensure that all children regardless of any ‘Additional Need’ receive the best quality education in order to meet their individual needs.

All children’s learning needs are met through a rich and stimulating curriculum. Sometimes, it may be necessary for pupils to receive additional support in order to make sufficient progress in their learning. Support from the Additional Learning Needs teacher may be provided within the classroom or pupils may be withdrawn on an individual/ group basis. Parents are always kept fully informed and are an integral part of the process of agreeing and reviewing pupil learning targets.

Support for children with Additional Learning Needs                         

At St Mary’s all of our staff are committed to ensuring that children make continual progress and achieve to the best of their ability. Any child who may need extra support is identified as early as possible and individual, achievable targets are set. Teachers make provision for  children to work on and achieve set targets in curriculum time. If your child’s class teacher thinks that your child may require further support, they will be referred to our ALNCo for assessment and will continue to keep you informed throughout the process.

Mrs Williams, our ALNCo (Additional Learning Needs Coordinator) works very closely with teaching staff and teaching assistants to provide support for children with Additional Learning Needs within our school. This support takes many forms.

A child may need additional assessing from the ALNCo to examine their levels in reading, spelling, receptive language and non-verbal ability. This assessment takes place if a class teacher or parent raises specific concerns about the child’s abilities in class. From this assessment, we can see if any additional support is needed for your child.

 As a school, we provide support in class through differentiating work, providing support materials and providing interventions in reading, writing, speaking and listening and maths to support and raise attainment.

We also run interventions to support our pupils’ social and emotional needs which are run by trained facilitators within the school. Interventions are a mixture of small group interventions and individual (one to one 1:1).

We also work closely with outside agencies to provide support for children with Additional Learning Needs. We continue to seek advice from the Speech and Language Service (SaLT), Educational Psychology Service, Sensory Service, Literacy Service, Together Achieving Change (TAC) and the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school to make an appointment. Mrs Williams is available on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Mrs Williams’ ALN Virtual Classroom

Parent Network   

Supporting the whole family is very important to us at St Mary’s. As part of this support, we run a Parent ALN Network to provide much needed support for our parents of children with ALN who may need further advice or may just wish to have a chat with others who are experiencing similar challenges to them. We meet once a term where parents/carers can share and gain useful information about upcoming ALN events. Everyone is welcome to join us at these meetings. If you would like further information, please contact Mrs Williams or come along to our next meeting.

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