Microsoft Teams Meetings

While we are providing remote learning during lockdown or when classes are self-isolating, teachers  will host daily Microsoft Teams’ Meetings at the start and end of the school day. A register of learners’ attendance at Microsoft Teams’ Meetings will be taken.

We would encourage all pupils to take part in these daily meetings but understand that this is not always possible due to some family/ work commitments, so details of the times and dates for the sessions are posted on Seesaw in advance.

Each meeting will begin with a prayer to set the scene for the day in a prayerful and reflective context.

The main purpose of these meetings is to ensure that all learners have daily  ‘face-to-face’ contact with their teachers, support staff and classmates, in addition to providing direct teaching support, guidance and instruction about their learning opportunities for the day.

During the first meeting, teachers will discuss and share the class/ year group Google slide/s for the day, directing the learners where to find links to teaching videos produced by the teachers, other resources and relevant links to support a continuity of learning.

During the last meeting of the day, teachers review and reflect on the day and learners have the opportunity to share their learning.

Teachers may choose to share a story with their class and will close the meeting with a prayer.


Safe Use of Microsoft Teams- guidance for children and families